Even the most experienced photographers have trouble keeping up with the ever-evolving nature of the photographic industry. But it’s important to understand you don’t need to spend thousands on the latest gear to level up your photography and filming skills.

In fact, there are endless photography and videography hacks that anyone can use to ensure their work looks picture-perfect without breaking the bank.

How Photography and Videography Hacks Will Up Your Creative Game

If money is no concern, go crazy spending on all the camera accessories you can imagine. But even the world’s leading production studios have a limited budget for equipment.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist photographer, knowing how to get the perfect shot without the ideal tools is a great skill to have.

By getting used to thinking on your feet and MacGyvering a solution, you won’t be so stressed next time you realize a vital piece of your kit got left on the kitchen table.

Hack #1 – DIY Softbox

Softboxes are used in virtually every studio as they help spread light around a space, reduce harsh shadows, and create a softer image. However, if you don’t have a softbox handy, coming up with an ad-hoc solution isn’t so difficult.

For instance, stretching a white shower cap over a household lamp can achieve great results on the fly. Alternatively, a thin curtain or bed sheet draped over a clothes rack is another handy idea when you need something fast.

With a Frio cold shoe setup holding your off-camera flash in place, you can position your makeshift softbox and get on with the shoot.

Hack #2 – Coffee Filter Flash Diffuser

Flash diffusers are another essential tool used by photographers and videographers. While they have a similar purpose to softboxes, flash diffusers are a more portable solution effortlessly attached to on-camera and off-camera flashes.

If you’re trying to light your subject right, forgetting to pack a flash diffuser might lead to drastic consequences. However, a smart photography hack involves placing a coffee filter over your flash and holding it in place with a rubber band.

For those using their flash off-camera, the Frio Cling’s innovative vacuum-pump seal ensures you can position your equipment to light even the tightest and most awkward spaces.

Hack #3 – Cardboard Lightbox

A lightbox is a fundamental tool for shooting product videos or product photography. Fortunately, lightboxes are incredibly easy to make with a sturdy cardboard box, translucent fabric, and a white poster board.

First, cut windows into the sides of the box and cover them with the fabric. Then, slide the poster board into the box and tape it into position. Make sure not to fold or crease the board as this provides your backdrop.

If you’re working with a modest space such as a desk, gain more room by using the Frio Grasp Mini’s multipurpose clamp to secure your off-camera flashes to the edge of the table.

Get Creative With Frio

You might not own every piece of lighting equipment in the world, but these lighting tips ensure you can still get super creative. With Frio’s versatile cold shoe setups helping image-makers open up their imagination, your work will impress even the harshest critics.