Frio Sponsorship of Your Association


Frio would like to sponsor your association, give your chapter a chance to earn revenue for programming and give your members a unique opportunity to save money on great tools for photography. If you are open to new sponsors, please review the details below and let’s get started!

  • Will sponsor your regularly scheduled meetings and will provide your association four (4) promotional gift packages each year to be used for your promotions and giveaways at 4 of your events annually. (we can select and ship prizes at start of sponsorship)
  • Will provide your association with educational materials that can be shared with your members about off-camera lighting and unique photo education topics.
  • Will provide your chapter with Affiliate Status, allowing you to generate revenue for your group. Your members will receive a unique promo code and link back to your association’s Affiliate program at When clicking through from your member affiliate link or when the code is used by members to make a purchase, Frio will return 15% of all purchases made to your chapter.
  • The more you promote Frio Workflow Solutions and the Affiliate Program, the more revenue your group earns.
  • Frio will write a check back to your association with your earnings on a quarterly basis. Earnings at <$50 will carry over to the next quarter or be issued as a website credit.
  • Will send brochures to be shared with members at each meeting. (Qty determined by Chapter, Items sent annually with prizes)


  • Will send an email out to all members announcing Frio as a new sponsor and explaining the Affiliate Program.
  • Will include Frio on association’s website sponsors or partners page. Logo, description and images will be provided by Frio.
  • Will provide Frio a screen shot or link to logo placement on site.
  • Will mention Frio News & Announcements at all monthly meetings.
  • Will tell members about the Affiliate Program and explain that all purchases made help the association.
  • When giving away prizes at quarterly meetings, speaker will explain what the product is and how it works.