Speedlight photographer Seth Miranda has sculpted his lighting techniques by being inventive and creative in his use of grip gear and lighting mounts. Seth had to opportunity to try the newest Frio cold shoe setup solutions—below are some of his thoughts about the versatility, functionality, and modularity of the lineup.  

  • The Frio line alleviates the need to bring light stands, c-stands, and other bulky equipment 
  • Not a lot of footprint in a photographer’s gear bag, making these setups small, lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • Speedlights can be placed in a variety of places, without the issue of having cumbersome, hard to pack pieces 
  • Durable and modular in design, making it simple to customize setups based on the needs of the shoot
  • With the Frio Grasp Mini and Frio Grasp Bigi, they are mountable in places such as chairs, light stands, arches, and tables 
  • With the Frio Reach Kit, not only can you mount a speedlight, but you also have the ability to mount anything with a ¼”-20 thread (small cameras, action cameras, etc.) making this a multipurpose cold shoe setup 
  • With the Frio Cling, it’s easy to place this on any flat surfaces like mirrors, windows, and any nonporous surfaces 

Frio’s countless ways to mount speedlights in any environment allows Seth to have these setups in his gear bag where he can retrieve them easily and use them when the opportunity arises—especially when he’s in need of better lighting. In many instances, a photographer will not have an assistant on set, making the setup process a challenging one. Learning how to manipulate the light source position and angle with the use of creative mounts increases depth resulting in an even more dramatic image. In short, lighting setups are critical regardless of whether you’re talking about natural or artificial light sources. Being crafty with the way you incorporate or create off-camera lighting can make all the difference—which is what Frio is all about. 

Watch Seth’s full review starting at 4:10 below.