Whether you’re working in a studio or shooting on the street, having a versatile cold shoe mount in your camera bag dramatically opens up your photographic possibilities. While there are a few different options on the market, you won’t find a cold shoe mount more portable or adaptable than the Frio Hold.

Countless Situations Call for a Cold Shoe Mount

Free yourself from your camera’s hot shoe and place speedlights, microphones, and remote camera setups wherever you need them. With the ability to mount your cold shoe to any gear with a 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 thread, the Frio Hold is incredibly convenient in virtually endless situations.

Rather than always carrying cumbersome equipment to ensure you can mount your accessories properly, using a Frio cold shoe setup means you can use whatever surface is available. Across table corners, chairs, doors, and street signs, there’s no limit to how you go about a shoot.

Consider these scenarios and discover how the Frio Hold will revolutionize the quality of your work.

Outdoor Concerts

When capturing outdoor concerts, photographers have to consider the impact of stage lights and fading natural light, and whether the performers will get annoyed by flashes. At least with the Frio Hold at the ready, you won’t have a problem finding a lighting setup to achieve great results. For instance, you can use a Frio Hold to connect your speedlight to a mini light stand at the rear of the stage and backlight the group while shooting from the pit.

Outdoor Weddings

A bright sunny day might provide the perfect weather for the bride and groom, but dealing with harsh light is tricky for even the most experienced wedding photographer. If you’re using rudimentary on-camera flash, achieving soft, natural lighting on your subjects is a big challenge. However, a cold shoe adapter like the Frio Hold makes it painless to position diffused off-camera flashes using a lighting stand or tripod. This way, your shots will benefit from both ambient and fill light.

Indoor Wedding Parties

Shooting a wedding party indoors is bound to keep you on your feet, with so many angles to capture that are equally important to the special day. If you’re shooting the cake cutting, you can attach your speedlight to the Frio Hold and position it on the back of a chair using a cold shoe setup like the Frio Grasp Mini. As you shoot from another direction, this process ensures the happy couple’s reaction is flawlessly lit.

Action Photography

Whether you’re photographing a ballerina or a skateboarder, the Frio Hold will help your images pop. As most photographers don’t have the luxury of several assistants, you can manipulate light on your own using a short-duration flash strobe to freeze the action. With an articulating arm and Frio’s cold shoe mount, you can capture exceptionally sharp images with maximum convenience.

Sports Photography

Achieving high-quality sports photography means you have to be ready to press the shutter at any moment. However, the Frio Hold can ensure you’re in two places at once. Say you’re shooting a basketball game and you’re not allowed to move around the court freely. Setting up a remote camera rig beneath the hoop means you can shoot from the stands and capture a close-up perspective on an incredible athletic feat at the same time.

Discover the Best. Cold Shoe. Ever.

If you’re feeling limited by your current setup, a cold shoe setup from Frio means you can create a dynamic photoshoot in almost any situation. Ready to level up your images? Make the most of the Frio Hold for outdoor or indoor photography today.