Once you’re familiar with the nitty-gritty details behind on-camera flash, it makes perfect sense to dive into the creative possibilities of external flashes. Known as off-camera flash, you can use Frio’s cold shoe mounts to position several flashes around your location to achieve lighting perfection. Here, we explore some beginner tips and highlight the off-camera flash tools you need to boost your photographic skills.

How Off-Camera Flash Enhances Your Photography Skills

Shooting solely with on-camera flash sometimes isn’t enough to get that breathtaking shot. This is because every time you move the camera to find a new composition, the flash bounces off surfaces in unpredictable ways. As a result, you’re constantly adjusting your settings to compensate.

Learning how to use off-camera flash will revolutionize how you shoot. Not only will your lighting remain consistent no matter where you move with the camera, but you can light areas where on-camera flash simply can’t reach. When you use flash modifiers and accessories that you can trigger remotely, your off-camera flashes can make manipulating light a breeze.

Off-Camera Flash Tools to Use

If you’re ready to teach yourself the skills needed for off-camera flash, there’s no shortage of accessories to consider. Find out how Frio helps beginners get the most out of their tools.

Tool #1 – Cold Shoe Mounts

Cold shoe mounts allow you to connect your off-camera flash accessories like speedlights and softboxes to lighting stands, tripods, booms, and more. However, Frio’s flexible cold shoe setups give you more possibilities than ever before. For instance, the Frio Arch offers 360-degree movement, so you can swiftly redirect your flash without losing the moment of the specific shot you’re after.

Frio’s modern cold shoe mounts are equipped with the latest technology, including the QuickClick tab that keeps your camera accessories secure and makes packing up incredibly easy. Meanwhile, the DualThread system enables you to mount your cold shoe to any gear with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads.

Tool #2 – Softboxes and Umbrellas

Simply directing your flash straight at the subject produces photographs with hard-edged shadows and harsh highlights. Instead, use light modifiers like umbrellas and softboxes to diffuse your flash and create softer, more natural-looking images.

Using softboxes and umbrellas in tight spots is simple with Frio’s cold shoe setups. Backed up against a window or a smooth wall? The Frio Cling’s vacuum mount means you can secure a softbox on any flat surface.

If you only have table edges or overhead beams to work with, the versatile clamp on the Frio Grasp Bigi or Frio Grasp Mini ensures you can position a light source wherever you need.

Tool #3 – Snoots

Softboxes and umbrellas spread the flash and create softer images, while snoots achieve the exact opposite. With these off-camera flash accessories used to generate direct light that doesn’t spill, you can shape theatrical lighting that sets your images apart.

Using the Frio Stand, you can attach your off-camera snoot to virtually every kind of standard grip gear, including light stands, C-stands, and more. As long as it has a baby pin, you can transform it into a lighting mount. Add one to your kit and enhance your off-camera flash creativity.

Light Up Your Shoot With Frio

If you’re ready to explore the endless potential of off-camera flash, Frio’s products are the perfect tools for the job. Bring any difficult space to life and always have a second set of hands with our dynamic cold shoe setups.