If you’re ready to level up your photographic options, a cold shoe mount means you have a second set of hands no matter what. But if you think a cold shoe has something to do with the temperature of your footwear, rather than a handy way to mount your camera equipment, this blog will help get you up to speed.

How Do I Use a Cold Shoe?

A cold shoe is a universal bracket that allows photographers to mount their equipment in virtually limitless ways. For example, the Frio Hold is a cold shoe mount that enables photographers to safely secure their camera accessories, including speedlights, microphones, and monitors, to tripods, lighting stands, and other mounting rigs. With the patented DualLock and DualThread systems, you never have to worry about broken camera gear or whether your setup is 1/4-20 inches or 3/8 inch. For both on-camera and off-camera purposes, cold shoes unleash the potential of any shoot.

What’s the Difference Between a Hot Shoe and a Cold Shoe?

Located on top of almost every camera is what’s known as a hot shoe. It’s described as “hot” because it has electrical connections to activate flashes and other camera accessories. While cold shoes don’t have electrical contacts, they are ideal for mounting photographic equipment either on-camera or off-camera. Alongside a remote flash trigger, you can create a dynamic off-camera lighting setup and experience the most versatile workflow possible.

Common Cold Shoe Use Cases

Whether you’re shooting a wedding, a live music gig, or an action-packed sporting event, cold shoe mounts combined with Frio setups help you illuminate dark spaces to get the best results without the use of heavy, cumbersome equipment.

Off-Camera Use Cases

If you’re working in a hard-to-light situation and need an assistant to help position the flash, the Frio Hold and Frio setup ensure you can achieve outstanding shots even when operating solo.

Light Up a Wedding

Shooting weddings is a tricky business, but it’s a lot easier when you can attach your speedlights to a cold shoe. As the happy couple walks down the aisle, shoot from one angle and position a flash attached to the Frio Arch on a lighting stand across the room. If you’re in a particularly tight spot, you could use the Frio Cling’s clever suction to attach your flash to a window, mirror, or countertop.

Bring Out the Best of Interior Design

Getting the lighting right is absolutely critical when showcasing the striking architectural details of any interior space. Using Frio’s remarkably flexible cold shoe setups, you can attach your lighting equipment to a table or window and engage them remotely with a flash trigger. For instance, the Frio Grasp Mini or Frio Grasp Bigi feature a multipurpose clamp design so you can fasten your off-camera gear to everything from table edges and chairs to stair railings.

On-Camera Use Cases

Cold shoes might not have any electronic connections, but they still provide plenty of functionality even when using them on your camera.

Capture a Dynamic Event

If you’re capturing a bustling festival or news event, keeping your gear organized can be a challenge when working on the move. However, a cold shoe extension gives you extra space to position your flashes and monitors to ensure you never miss a moment.

Mount Audio and Video Accessories

The latest DSLR and mirrorless cameras are optimal for shooting video. A cold shoe mount ensures you can attach high-quality microphones and lighting setups to your camera, allowing you to record from every angle. Meanwhile, a cold shoe setup ensures your hot shoe remains free for use with even more camera accessories.

Say Hello to Frio. The Best. Cold Shoe. Ever.

Frio’s cold shoes ensure photographers take their lighting to greater heights. With a lightweight, portable, and secure off-camera solution, you can bring even the most difficult spaces to life. Learn more about Frio’s cold shoe setups today.